Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday

VA Quilt Museum 
I feel like every week when it gets to Wednesday I am surprised by just how quickly it got here and how little sewing I have done.  Last week my parents and I took off for a visit to the Virginia Quilt Museum.  Along the way we stopped at a bunch of quilt shops and I'll be sure to tell you guys all about that in the near future.  The museum was good and worth the trip-I'm looking forward to going back after they change out the exhibit.

So with all of those hours logged in the car last Thursday and Friday I didn't get a whole lot of sewing done.  I did manage to chain piece part of a section for my turning twenty again quilt.  These will get turned into 4 patches in the next step and then I'll be able to start putting these very large blocks together.

Saturday I did manage to meet up with the long arm who had my two quilts.  I typically use someone in Elizabeth City, NC where I grew up but she has been having trouble with her machine lately so I ventured out and tried someone new.  It was an adventure to say the least.  I love the quilting that she did on these but the fact that she is a smoker has turned me off a lot.  So I'm not sure that I'll be using her again in the future.  If anyone knows of any good long arm quilters would you please do me a favor a leave a comment with their info?  I have a few names I have been seeing popping up over on Instagram lately but shipping cost back and forth is also a concern for me.  I know the easiest solution would be to just bit the bullet and learn to quilt them myself on my domestic machine.  So if you have good tips on making that less scary I'd love to hear those too.

I guess that's it for me.  I did just finish sewing the binding on my Swoon quilt last night so look for finished photos of that one soon.  Still debating binding options for Complications so that one may be just a little longer.  Head on over to Lee's and see what everyone else is up to.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIP Wednesday

These weeks seem to be flying by faster than I can keep up.  I can't believe it is already Wednesday again. Since my big push to finish up those two quilt tops last weekend I haven't done much sewing.  I did start a new project.  It is a turning twenty again quilt that my parents picked up for me as a kit on a visit to Texas. What's funny is that I had taken a photo of the same quilt in the same shop almost a year before on my last visit.

These blocks are going to be huge.  Other than that I haven't done much sewing.  I did get good news from the long arm quilter that I should have my two quilts back by next week so that is exciting.  Can't wait to have some finishes to share with you all soon.

These are just the pieces made in the first two steps.  These will get joined together with several other pieces and make up the individual blocks.

Head on over to Lee's and see what everyone else is up to.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I'm not sure I have much to share today.  After finishing up those two quilt tops over the weekend I haven't touched my machine.  I am thinking a lot about what I want to work on next and feeling overwhelmingly like I need to finish some of my started projects.  That got me thinking about what projects I have outstanding and if in reality I want to finish them.  I think some of them are destine to stay in the unfinished pile forever.

I really need to pick back up my mystery quilt.  My mom finished the top of hers already so it's no longer a true mystery but all the same I stalled on this one as soon as we opened the instructions for step 2 and I saw all those HST's.  I don't usually mind them but in this case-there are a TON!

I also have this project that I started for an Old Red Barn Challenge forever ago.  I don't really see myself finishing this but I have four of these really large blocks done and I'm thinking they would sew up into a good size baby quilt pretty easily.  I don't really need to make any more baby quilts right now but I do want to work on my FMQ and that's the best way to get practice, right?

Photo Thanks to Michael Rosenmertz

Okay and here is one picture from my trip to Bolivia-I promise more coming soon.  This is right after this mom found out her son would receive surgery for his cleft palate.  I just need to get my thoughts together and figure out which stories to share.  Head on over to Lee's to see what everyone else is working on.  And if you have ideas about what I should work on next let me know.  I could use a little inspiration.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I know, two post in one week and it's only Tuesday.  Like I said when I got home it was dark and rainy and I needed to decompress so I spent some time with Bertha.  Before you go thinking I went all wonder woman or something in all fairness I had all but 2 blocks made for my APQ Quilt and these blocks were made, they just needed the neutral sashing and to be sewn together.  And since I was able to chain piece on the neutral fabric it went together all easy like.

Blocks before neutral sashing
This pattern is another Piece of Cake pattern by Camille.  The pattern is available in her shop but I actually made this one as part of her second Craftsy Class-Playful Piecing Techniques.  I love that it goes together rather quickly but still has good impact.  I had picked up the Whimsy layer cake during the great fabric destash over on Instagram (which is still going strong by the way).  I thought the fabrics were nice and soothing and they have such a nice hand to them.

Testing the layout

I was testing out my layout here.  I have a hard time with quilts sometimes where you make all the blocks and then arrange them.  You only need 30 blocks for this quilt so I had removed the duplicates in the layer cake to narrow down to the right number.  I still ended up with my aqua than any other color but I think it looks okay.  My finished quilt isn't the same as this layout but having it in black and white sure did make it easier to see areas that we lacking variety.

Finished quilt top

Overall if you are looking for a quick project that can be sewn up in one very productive weekend or maybe over a few weeks I would recommend any of the Piece of Cake patterns.  This is the second one I have made and honestly I have a Little Black Dress Layer Cake that I am considering making up into one of these patterns as well.

Sorry for the bad iphone photos-did I mention it was dark and rainy all weekend.

Monday, March 31, 2014

APQ Quilt Along

I'm back from Bolivia-I promise a post on that coming soon but right now I am still trying to sort out my feelings and thoughts.  I can't wait to show you guys some photos and tell you a few stories once I work it all out.

One of my Favorite Blocks

While I was gone Bertha took a little trip to the sewing machine spa.  I missed her annual check up last year and while I didn't notice anything wrong with her she sure sounds happier now that she is back.  Before I took her in I was having a problem with my thread breaking sometimes when sewing but I just assumed it was me-now I realize it was probably a tension issue.  I'm happy to have her back home and happy because we have already spent a lot of quality time together.

Row 1 sewn together

The first project I worked on was my APQ Quilt Along.  I needed to make 2 more blocks and after asking all of you over on Instagram about the possibility of having 4 red blocks in the middle everyone encouraged me to go random.  I sort of listened.  I did end up putting those blocks with the red x's in the four corners but it doesn't really stand out as much as a design element that way.

Making Progress

I also listed when everyone told me to go without the sashing.  I understand now how smart the designer was to include it.  While I really like the way these blocks look without it-matching up some of these seams really was a bear.  Especially where those little 1 inch squares come together.  In the end I think it is well worth it but I think the sashing would have made the construction a little easier.

Finished Quilt Top

I used Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille for the fabric and the pattern is from the APQ Magazine.  If you are on Instagram check out the #apqquiltalong for lots of photos and to see how everyone interpreted this same pattern.  I love the variety, some are very scrappy like the original, some are all made from one fabric line like mine, and others are a nice mix of both.  It's so interesting to see how the same pattern can look so differently when made up in different fabrics.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sunkissed Trails

I have been calling this quilt Sunny Trails from the beginning because that was the name Corey used when she made it for Moda Bake Shop and since I was using the Sunkissed line by Sweetwater it worked.  But as I was sewing on the binding I decided Sunkissed Trails was just as appropriate of a name and I just liked it a little better.  So I have now dubbed this one Sunkissed Trails.

So much prettier than my typical laundry

Finished front of quilt
Overall this quilt was fairly easy to put together because Corey has a great pattern written.  One thing I will say is if you are using directional prints make sure you pay attention before you sew all your blocks together. You actually end up rotating every other one.  I tried to be really careful to have all my words running the same way but in the end I still ended up with a few rouge pieces.

Binding going on-back fabric
I used the great polka dot line for the backing on this one.  I have to say I love this line as much now as I did when I started this quilt back in 2011.  It has one of the softest hands of any Moda fabric I have ever sewn with.  And it is just so bright and sunny and happy.  I had this one quilted by a longarmer with a pattern called Daisy's Galore in a soft yellow thread.  I think that's just the right touch.

Close up of the daisy quilting
If you want to read more about the journey of this quilt you can find previous post here, here, and here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday

It's so hard to believe that it's Wednesday again already.  I feel like I find myself saying that more and more lately.  Time is speeding up and even though some of the days are really long the weeks themselves seem really short.  I haven't had a whole lot of time for sewing this week.  But I did manage to work on a few more APQ Quiltalong Blocks.

I was chain piecing these last few blocks and posed the question on Instagram if I should add sashing to these blocks like the pattern calls for.  The overwhelming response was to forgo the sashing.  So I am leaning in that direction.  My quilting friends are all really smart when it comes to these things and I don't think they would steer me in the wrong direction.  

My goal was to finish this top before I left for my trip but with Bertha going into the shop on Saturday I really doubt I will make it that far.  I am hoping to at least finish up my last two blocks before I leave.  Speaking of finishing something-I actually have a finish to share with you this week so look for that coming soon.

I guess that is all I have going on over here.  Be sure to head over to Lee's and check out what everyone else is up to for some great inspiration.